Dva Brata (Two Brothers)  outliers

About Dva Brata  outliers in Russian

Dva Brata (Two Brothers) - outliers. "Dva Brata are two stone outliers (seyds). They are situated right on the coast near the shore cliff in Zemlyanaya guba (bay) of Rybachy Peninsula. This thirty meters high monuments resemble the ready to fly up birds, with drawn necks and the anxiously turned to the sea heads. Many legends and stores are connected with them.

Saami considered Dva Btata to be the powerful giant noiades (wizards) Kiiperi-Ukko and Kiiperi-Akko, who ruled this country 10000 years ago. Now Two Brothers stay on the seashore expiating their evil."

Dva Brata

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About Dva Brata  outliers in Russian


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